YYZ / 2013
LHR / 1993

Researching & Creating Elegant Solutions from some of the most Complex Problems surrounding us today & tomorrow



UX Research

︎House EMR (Medicine, AI, NLP)
︎Your New Home (BMO
︎Ordr.ai (Next.ai Finalist, Food, Health, AI)
︎Circles (Social, Immigration, CHI2019)


︎Experiments & Abstract Work
︎Presentation/Deck Visualisations
︎Editorial & Print Design
︎Web Design

Holmes EMR (ICD Compliant Electronic Medical Records) 

Designing interactions utelising NLP (Natural Language Processing) that allow physicians to Diagnose Patients & Complete Clinical Notes the way they actually practice

Goals: Reduce burnout amongst physicians, Improve relationships between physicians & patients, hence increase rates of a positive prognoses through better holistic care, Create a tangible pathway to P4 Medicine

40/42 Physicians found such a design would meet these goals, if implemented today

Your New Home (BMO Financial Group) 

Researching and Designing a better Onboarding Experience, aligned to one’s personal financial & life goals. Created during a 5-Day Design Spring using Sketch & Principle

Chosen by Christopher Elkin (Director of UX) & Angela Beal (Design Systems Lead)

Positions: Team Lead, Research & Ideation, Hi-fi Design.

Building the Universal Menu of Tomorrow

How might we remove bias allowing more personal, Fine-Tuned Recommondations that can Adapt to Changing Tastes, Moods & Audiences by using RL AI

Finalist @ Next.AI incubator, UX guide released & recieved -
62K Reads, 5.7K likes, 813 shares

Featured in: Artificial Intelligence Monthly, UXPLanet, SideBar.io, CaseStudy.Club, Muzli Roundup