YYZ / 2013
LHR / 1993

I'm a UIX designer who loves dabbling in Health, Maths, Data, Ethics & AI.

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Featured Research

Building the Universal Menu of Tomorrow

               ––Why we must rebuild data pipelines through better UI/X to ensure an AI’s goals are shared by the user. All interactions made using CoffeeScript in Framer Classic

45K Reads, 5.2K Likes



A Collection of Mathematical & Statistical Ventures  

              ––Included are some R Visualisation Experiments, a small explanation to the Deep Learning Architecture diagrams I created and some walkthroughs on applying Reinforcement Learning within the Open.AI Gym Environments. 


Final Grade : 91% (4.0)

Human Interaction Design Project

               ––––CSC318 was the first class I attended at the University of Toronto that focused solely on HID. We were proposed with a vague task and had weekly studio sessions to present our findings, how they impacted our stakeholders and how this affected our final design.

Mark Y(OUR) HOME CHI 2019

02.10 - 04.16

Just some Miscellaneous Design Work

              ––Mainly consisting of some early Logo, Web Design, Motion Graphics and Print Work. I’ve also thrown in some animations I’ve created for Keynotes that didn’t really fit anywhere else.